March 24, 2017 Tips For Agents

Despite Market Uncertainty (Or Perhaps In Spite Of It) More People Want To Buy Homes, Study Finds

By: James McClister

Source: Miami Agent

Every year, Redfin polls recent and prospective homebuyers in an attempt to gauge how people’s views of the housing market have changed, or remained the same, from one year to the next. But this year is different. This year we have a new president, and in that president, we have discovered an endless well of uncertainty.

1. People are more willing – In 2016, when asked how their perspectives on the market had changed from 2015 to that year, 33 percent said they more inclined to buy a home. It was the year’s top answer. It was also the top answer this year, but the share of respondents saying it has increased to 43 percent, as the below graph shows. There are several explanations for the increase, but regardless of any, the implications are a constant: more people are open to buying a house right now than they were this same time a year ago.

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