June 22, 2018 Coral Gables News, Lifestyle

Meet Our People: Rebecca Ellsworth

What makes this neighborhood (Merrick Park) special?

The safety of it as well as the walkability of it.  You can go for a jog, walk your dog, walk to dinner or get on the Gables Trolly and feel safe no matter what time of night or morning it is.

A Coral Gables event not to be missed?

The Independence Day firework show is spectacular and to watch it from the Riviera Golf Course is a treat!

Your favorite place to unwind?

The beach!  I love the sun and the ocean.  Nature always relaxes me.

Best restaurant in Coral Gables? Why?

Christy’s!  It is classic Coral Gables and I have never had a bad meal there.  The ambiance is elegant as well as the service.

Why you are passionate about real estate?

In 2000, I did a re-model of a home that I had purchased.  By code, I had to leave one wall standing for a ‘re-model’.  In order to be compliant with the building code, that one wall left needed a filled cell every 6 feet.  When the cuts were made, naturally the wall fell down.  This was the beginning of it all.  From working with the building department, running plans, tying re-bar and a plethora of other hands on jobs that I never imagined doing.  After one year of hard work and dedication, receiving the CO was such a great feeling.  My passion began with that sense of accomplishment and it lead me to wanting to help others navigate through the waters as well.  Being able to listen and truly understand the needs of your client is key.   Whatever the purpose of the space may be, providing a place of comfort and stability for someone is the most rewarding part of Real Estate.

One thing most people would not know about you?

I play 3 different instruments.  My favorite is the Cello which I had lessons for 8 years straight and just recently picked up again.