October 29, 2018 Coral Gables News

Junior Orange Bowl Robotics Competition Opened to Elementary, Middle and High School Students

Source: Miami Community Newspapers

By: Alexandria Wuttke

Photo: Miami Community Newspapers

All Bots on Tech – Partnered with Bots for All, the Junior Orange Bowl Robotics Competition, officially sanctioned by Vex, introduces elementary school students to the acclaimed competition on Nov. 3-4. The Junior Orange Bowl – Bots for All Robotics Competition welcomes elementary, middle and high school students with the opportunity to experience these moments, many for the first time, through an exciting engineering challenge. The Junior Orange Bowl Robotics Competition, collectively with Bots for All, will orchestrate a total number of 102 teams of young South Florida engineers, empowering them to mastermind their skill and creativity for innovation in the Vex and Vex IQ arenas. The winning teams are granted to qualify to compete in the National Vex Competition in 2019.


Rob Gordon, founder and President of Bots for All, serves as a Robotics Director for the Junior Orange Bowl, “We are extremely excited the Junior Orange Bowl-Bots for All Robotics Challenge extends access to high quality, wholesome STEAM competition to hundreds of deserving young people countywide.”

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