March 16, 2017 Tips For Agents

On The House: Snapchat Emerges As A New Way To Sell Real Estate

By: Caitlin McCabe

Source: Miami Herald

If you’re currently on the hunt for a house to buy or an apartment to rent, I get it: The search can be onerous.

By now, you’ve probably viewed multiple properties in person. There’s a chance you may have bid on one, maybe even a few. Are multiple house-hunting websites bookmarked on your computer? There are others like you out there.

So what if you could skip the open houses, the tours, the hours searching online? And what if something delivered to you each weekday a fresh set of houses, newly listed within the last few days? Even better: You wouldn’t have to leave home, with the ability to watch video walk-throughs straight from your phone. Would you use it?

Because it’s out there. And it’s free. There’s just one caveat: You have to get hip.

Called SnapListings, the service is featured on Snapchat, the trendy picture-messaging app that successfully debuted on the stock market earlier this month. As an account Snapchat users can add as a “friend,” SnapListings posts video “stories” five days a week spotlighting new apartments and houses on the market.