March 2, 2017 Tips For Agents

Are You Getting Quality Leads From Your Open Houses? You Should Be.

Learn how to grow your business through lead-generating open houses.

Are you one of those agents who never hold open houses? Perhaps you prefer to spend weekends out with new clients, or maybe you figured out long ago that there are better ways to sell homes. So why do some agents keep holding open houses when the stats tell us that less then 10 percent of homes are sold as the result of an open house? Why do top producers like them?

The answer is simple. Though buyers can view photos of a home and access data about the property online, buyers, neighbors and friends want to walk the home to see how it compares to their own. For some, an open house in the neighborhood is a festive occasion. And that’s OK – because no matter why they come, every person who walks into your open house is a potential client, and they may know other people who could become a client as well.

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