Buying vs. Renting: Merrick Manor Wants Your Feedback on the Ongoing Debate

As The Astor Companies closes in on completing luxury condominium project Merrick Manor in Coral Gables, the longstanding debate about whether it makes more sense to purchase or rent a residence wages on.

Potential buyers are wrestling with this decision despite mounting evidence that in today’s market – and especially in Coral Gables – it is a no-brainer. Buying is the right move for many reasons.

For renters who are passing up the opportunity to build wealth through investing in real estate, the team at Merrick Manor wants to hear directly from you. Leave a comment below this post addressing the simple question: Why are you still renting?

In general, the advantages that come with owning versus buying include:

  • When considering whether to use your monthly payment to either pay down your landlord’s mortgage or pay down your own, the choice is simple
  • Not having to deal with a landlord
  • Certainty of knowing where you will be living for the long term, as opposed to signing a one-year lease and restarting the process a year later
  • Avoiding annual rental rate increases that are at the discretion of the owner

Located at 301 Altara Avenue, Coral Gables, FL 33146, the 10-story, 227-residence Merrick Manor is just steps away from the luxurious Shops at Merrick Park. Construction of Merrick Manor will be completed during the first quarter of 2019. The project features interior design and furnishings by the renowned Interiors by Steven G.

For more information, contact the ONE Sotheby’s International Realty sales team. To obtain other information about the residences at Merrick Manor, call (305) 779-6870 or visit the project Sales Gallery at 4200 Laguna Street, which is located directly across the street from the project site.

For commercial and retail opportunities available at Merrick Manor, contact Roza H. Radkiewicz of Astor Real Estate Group at (305) 779-5672 or (786) 218-8322 or email

Additional information about the project can be found by visiting or emailing