April 27, 2017 Tips For Agents

4 Effective Tactics To Manage Expectations With Your Sellers

Source: Miami Agent

Managing seller expectations is part and parcel to being a real estate agent, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Communication is key to forging lasting relationships between real estate agents and their clients. Solid communication helps avoid misunderstandings on both sides and keep transactions moving.

The best agents set expectations with clients by putting together a solid communication plan. This plan should outline when and how communication will happen between you, and it should help you bond with your clients to create loyalty that lasts.

Here are four things you’ll need in your communication plan that will help you set and manage seller expectations:


1. Communicate your role

In order to succeed as a real estate agent, your plan must be flexible enough to recognize client needs, but structured to help you stay the course should something unexpected come up.

Like buyers, sellers come to the table with their own expectations. But you are the pro, and you need to convey to your clients what works and what does not.

So, show your clients the lay of the land. It could be helpful to use visual representations you can point to as you move through the process. Be supportive and understanding of their needs, but make sure your sellers always know that you are the expert.

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