June 19, 2017 Real Estate News

Merrick Manor Featured in The Miami Herald’s South Florida Homes Section

By: Jana Soeldner Danger

Source: The Miami Herald

Once upon a time, moving out of the concrete-and-glass caverns of the city and into the leafy suburbs was a goal for many homebuyers. Today, not so much. Instead, downtowns and urban centers are the places many people prefer to live now.

Take Jen Klaassens, owner of a philanthropic consulting firm. She had been living in Miami for 18 years, but working much of the time in Broward. When she decided it was time to move north, it didn’t take long for her to choose a building just a block off Las Olas Boulevard for her new digs. “I wanted a life/work balance, so location was important,” she said. “Las Olas was a no-brainer. It’s nice to be able to walk to restaurants and shops, and still be close to the beach.”

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