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US Foreclosure activity drops as housing prices go up.

Strategic Miami Area Rapid Transit plan firmed up

By: Susan Danseyar

Source: Miami Today


Miami-Dade officials have just mapped out their overarching Strategic Miami Area Rapid Transit (SMART) plan, eliminating some key unknowns, but are still analyzing where to find money to fund its six corridors. For the first time, now plans include price tags, up to $3.6 billion.


Commission Chair Esteban Bovo Jr.’s Policy Council Committee, which he said was set up to discuss such pressing priorities, including transportation, met for the first time last week. For transportation, it’s important to speak about funding, Mr. Bovo said. “We already have a plan but need to know how to pay for it.”

Transportation chief Alice Bravo provided an overview of corridors and estimated cost, for the first time filling in major blanks of the SMART Plan. A key decision appears to be the mode of transit along each corridor.


As spelled out, corridors and their modes are:

■Miami Beach, a 3.3-mile elevated Metromover from Miami’s Museum Park Station to Fifth Street and Alton Road in Miami Beach.

■East-West, a 10-mile at-grade, partially elevated Metrorail extension mainly along State Road 836 from the Miami Intermodal Center to Florida International University.


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Google brings Webpass to 6 metros, proves Fiber might not be dying after all

by:  Conner Forrest

Source: TechRepublic

Google has taken another formal step to fold Webpass into its overall plans for Google Fiber, announcing Webpass eligibility for customers in the following six metro areas: Chicago, Boston, Miami, San Diego, San Francisco, and Oakland.


Webpass is a wireless ISP that operates its own Ethernet network utilizing both fiber optics and point-to-point wireless. In the summer of 2016, Google entered into an agreement with Webpass to acquire the company, and formally made it a part of Google Fiber last October.


According to a Google blog post, customers in the listed metro areas "may be eligible to use Webpass if their building has at least 10 units, and is wired with Ethernet cabling." The post goes on to note that copper Ethernet wiring is an affordable alternative to coaxial cable or fiber to achieve gigabit speeds.


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Goya Foods' Swine & Wine at the Biltmore Hotel


Reigning Goya Foods’ People’s Choice Award-winner for best whole roasted pig, Cindy Hutson returns to the Biltmore, Coral Gables, as she rounds up some of her fellow colleagues to take this swine-centric affair to a whole new level.


This year, Goya Foods and the National Pork Board, the Official Pork Sponsor and Preferred Protein of the Festival, will delight with professional pig roasters who will develop their own pig creations and a large variety of amazingly delicious sides. They will use their secret arsenal of special spice blends to make your taste buds dance with their treatment of all-natural, farm-raised, exceptionally tender pork, and delight swine lovers with creative pig-centric tapas, served inside the Biltmore Hotel Club Ballroom. At the same time, in the beautiful Courtyard, slow roasting whole pigs will render mouth-watering meat being served straight from each chef's own caja china and other inventive devices. All chefs will compete for the coveted People’s Choice Award, and this year, professional judges will cast their Foodie Awards as well.


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