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Canadians searched for Miami real estate more than any other country: report


O, Canada!

Buyers from the country up north dominated the Miami Association of Realtors’ October list of foreign countries searching for property in Miami for the second time since November 2013.


Canada took the lead from Colombia, a dominant group of buyers of South Florida real estate. (Colombia led the association’s ranking from December 2015 to September 2016.) Brazil, also once the top country looking to buy in Miami, fell to No. 5 on the list.


Canadian buyers are also the fourth most active country picking up South Florida real estate. Seven percent of all foreign sales in South Florida came from Canada in 2015, according to the report. Buyers from Canada also paid cash more than any other country at 86 percent. Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela followed Canada in cash sales.


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Driverless cars, machine-learning, robotics: The tech that will change real estate is all around us


Special to the Miami Herald


I had the great pleasure to moderate a number of exciting industry panels in the past year. In particular, two sessions stuck out for me, both centered around the concept of how technology is transforming our use of and demand for real estate.


These two diverse panels from different segments of business, finance and technology companies offered vastly different views on how fast technology is moving, but no one could deny the long-term impacts to our urban form, primarily through changes in employment and building usage.


Some of these key thoughts resonated with me and resulted in some predictions of my own. As I close 2016, I’d like to offer some futuristic reflections on the state of technology and its impact on real estate and human endeavors.




By far, the most universal impact of technology on real estate in the coming 50 years will be experienced based on changes in mobility, particularly human mobility.


The early days of the automated car have now commenced. The long-term social impact of automated cars will be both wrenching and liberating; wrenching because the transportation industry professionals will have been automated out of a job, and good jobs today are hard to find.


But automated vehicles could also liberate a significant component of our household discretionary spending, allowing us to divest of machines that cost money every day whether you use them or not. Think about the amount of time you spend daily in your car, and yet most people spend 20-30 times as much money on their car than on their mattress, even though we probably spend 50-100 percent more time every day on our mattress.


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The 66th Annual Beaux Arts Festival of Art will feature over 220 fine art exhibitors.  The festival offers live music and family entertainment in the Main-stage tent, a Family Fun Zone and a variety of dining options, making this event ideal not just for art enthusiasts but for families as well.  Join us for Miami’s oldest juried art festival on January 14 and 15, 2017!


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The Oldest Juried Art Festival in Miami

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