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As American Dream Miami mega-mall gains momentum, county awaits deal on traffic plan

By Douglas Hanks


As the American Dream Miami project gains political momentum, county planners have yet to reach detailed agreements with developers on how to address the flood of cars that would stream into what would be the country’s largest mall.


Miami-Dade’s Planning Advisory Board on Wednesday voted 10-1 to send the project on to the County Commission for preliminary approval next month, with the lone dissenting vote coming from a member who said he thought the timeline seemed too tight for a thoughtful decision.


“There is not enough time,” said board member Tom Sherouse, who cast the only no vote against the six-million-square-foot retail theme park by Triple Five, the Canada firm that built Minnesota’s Mall of America. “Why is it coming up now when so many of these important, complex questions — which have been on the table for months and months and months — are still at issue?”


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Tech trends that will revolutionize

the real estate business

By Mike Wheatley

Advancements in technology mean that real estate pros no longer need to check the classifieds for new listings, send out faxes or use direct mail advertising.


The innovations that made those every day tasks obsolete helped to revolutionize how the real estate business works – but can you

imagine how the industry will look in another decade or so, if this pace of innovation keeps up? Read on to find out!


The Internet of Things

IoT sensors have already made a serious impact in real estate. For example, sensors that govern and manage energy and maintenance systems are fairly commonplace, both at home and in commercial buildings. The lights, humidity and temperature can all be automated according to occupancy, while homeowners can also receive alerts telling them to replace parts of the system, before they break down. Automation is helping to save homeowners and property managers money while also improving experiences.


Virtual Reality

The application of virtual reality is generating all kinds of excitement among real estate pros, as the technology finally becomes more affordable. VR firms such as Matterport and VR Global have already made it possible to scan real-world buildings and transform them into digital worlds where prospective buyers can take a tour, even if they’re located on a different continent. Then there are companies like Floored, which create brilliant 3D renderings of buildings that are in fact, still just an empty lot. Some day soon, virtual reality is going to become the standard way the majority of real estate buyers get their “first look” at a listed property.


The blockchain

Nowadays, the digital signing and sharing of documents related to the real estate transaction process is commonplace. Buyers and sellers can simply sign documents with their mobile device and instantly email it to them, instead of driving to the agent’s office to do so the old fashioned way. The only problem with digital documents is it opens up the possibility of fraud – but that will become much more difficult with the Blockchain.


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